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Efficient Collateral Recovery

  • Demand letters to defendants on law firm letterhead describing the negative implications of legal action

  • Firm, effective communications with defendants, opposing counsel, and judges to help meet client recovery goals

  • Possession of collateral quickly and strategically to secure value, via both informal and formal court processes


Commercial Finance Lawsuits (e.g. breach of contract, fraud)

  • Results-driven tactics, including filing lawsuits when appropriate, to help clients quickly and efficiently meet their goals

  • Bold litigation strategies to unravel defendants' claims and pressure defendants to settle

  • Pro-active communications with defendants or their counsel to facilitate settlement

  • While every case is unique, in the unlikely event that a case goes to trial, Harmony Oswald has an undefeated trial record, winning 16 trials during the pandemic and achieving judgment for clients


Post Judgment Collections

  • Investigating assets and leveraging post-judgment remedies to help turn assets into funds

  • Legal possession and sale of personal and business property, real estate, garnishment of wages, and bank accounts

  • Analysis and advice on the course of action most likely to succeed in the collection of assets

*Helpful flat fees for routine services and reasonable hourly rates for custom analysis and advice. Rate sheet available upon request.

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